Where do ideas come from ?

Our collnnective minds is an installation that was born from the connection and collaboration of two researchers artist working on social cognition hypertexts and wikis called Di Ponti (copenhagen) and goldjian (Tio'tia:ke, aka Montreal).

The installation opens a space for collective and discursive thinking about dedicated questions.

The OCM adapts to contexts and has been presented in several international Conference at Critical Point Of View, (Bangalore, india), in  Wikimania,(Gdansk, Poland), in christiania (Copenhagen) and in a few conferences and festivals in montreal (Proxemy sexualinguistic, Artivistic),  Empty Sets, The plant, From Genome to Environnement Concordia, Bienvenue en Terre Mohawk, CEGEP de Maisonneuve).

For Dirty Discipline Wild Knowledge, we want to bring it to a meta and deeper level in order to question the origine of our ideas, of this idea, of one idea, of ideas in general.

Where do ideas come from ? aims at looking at different fields: cognitive, epistemic, neurological, philosophical, hermeneutic, poetic, sociologicial.
For where do ideas go, we think of mediatic questions, along with archivistics, and philosophical. do they accumulate in Theillard des chardin s noosphere ? in diary ? books, archives, legends tales ? History ? herstory ? are ideas subjected to legitimation issues? do they all go on the web ? are they all subjected to surveillance and data mining? pirate bay? open access platforms ?

In between, we hope to bring some questions about authorship, its disapearance, collaboration, cooperation, anonymity, cultural appropriation, but also artistic, academic, philosophical, meditative, creative, disciplinary and anti disciplinary work.

Technical needs :
The frame of the installation is made of 12 x 2 meters bamboo sticks.
For this particular proposal, we design a DNA shape, made of 7 triangles.
Participants will be given colored thread and paper, in order to create categories.
(I usually step in and start the installation with a few proposition)
The installation needs around 3x3 meters of space and has to be places somwhere where participants can easily see it and contribute (nearby the entrence is best)

Our Collnnective Mind is documented at this adress:



A Portable Collnnective Mind

Seminar Thinking Together about Friendship, Justice and Identity
Copenhagen, September 2014