Threads and Shapes in Data Visualization

EMPTY SETS, August 18th 2012, The Plant

La Plante, the CAMBAM(Center for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine) Student Chapter and the Eastern Bloc Lab presented an all day art show, data party, and interactive object space. The sticki wiki was one of the installation.

Sticki Wiki : Threads and Shapes in Data Visualization

For EMPTY SETS, the installation was dealing with Contemporary Threads and Shapes in Data visualization. The StickiWiki allowed the participants to enter and circulate around the installation. They were provided material to contribute with concepts made of colored paper, fabrics, plasticine, transparent and visible strings. 

The participants was asked to situate some samples of visualization within a 8 dimensional space representing the 8 mains tools used for data visualisation, ie :
  1. colors
  2. shapes
  3. lines
  4. points
  5. relative position
  6. proportion
  7.  symbols or icones
  8. figurative representations 
They were given usual sample of data visualisation (cut from newspapers)
they could scan item from visualisation books and could make links with what is going on in the exhibition.

All action would be based on the participant own knowledge and interpretation and therefore bring them to discussion, disagrement, and playfull interactions

Within the cube was screened an evolving online wiki transposition of what is going on in the installation.

Artist and contributors

This StickiWiki was curated by Anne Goldenberg, doctor in Sociology and Communication and performance and installation artist based in Montreal. The data visualization proposition was conceived with the special intervention of Aline Credeville, a Phd Student from Udm, working on Data Visualisation. The wiki transposition was realised by David Mason from Concordia, a Montreal based specialist in semantic media wikis, public participation and data visualisation.


physical visualisation
Mapping patterns of information:
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