Ourcollnnectiveminds @ wikisym 2010: What are wikis made of ?

For it's 3rd edition, Ourcollnnectiveminds were set up at Gdansk, Poland, for the participants to WikiSym 2010.We decided to transform the installation into a tetrahedron, which is, just like wikis, the simpliest stable structure.
We also added small sub-tetrahedron in order to play with different conceptual spaces.

Participants were asked to answer this question:

What are wikis made of ?
The installation started with 3 concepts:
  • wikis (in the top tetrahedron)
  • community (in one of the basis tetrahedron)
  • software (in an other basis one).
  • the third basis tetrahedron was left empty, as a suggestion for immediate edition.
The first participants started to ask about what should be in this small space.If wikis are made of community and software, what is the third element ?
After some time, some small attempts... mostly dealing with Action related concepts as a proposition. Then people (including us) would start to edit these first contributions.

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